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2024 Celebrity Death Cull!

And the scores on the doors are...

Published by bigmal at 3:10pm on Sun 31st December 2023. Viewed 280 times.

Predictions: Tom Baker, Prunella Scales and Buzz Aldren.

Published by Silent Rob at 9:21am on Mon 1st January 2024.

David Soul

Published by bigmal at 11:45pm on Fri 5th January 2024.

Clint Eastwood (prediction)

Published by B-bam at 5:59pm on Sat 6th January 2024.

Adan Canto

Published by bigmal at 5:53pm on Wed 10th January 2024.

JPR Williams
Franz Beckenbauer
Annie Nightingale

Published by Caribou_populations at 2:51pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

Annie Nightingale

Published by bigmal at 7:46pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

JPR Wiliams

Published by bigmal at 7:47pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

Franz Beckenbauer

Published by bigmal at 7:48pm on Fri 12th January 2024.

Mary Weiss

Published by Caribou_populations at 11:20am on Sun 21st January 2024.

Carl Weathers - Apolo Creed.

Published by bigmal at 5:04pm on Sat 3rd February 2024.

Ian Lavender (Dad's Army)

Published by MissRegaling at 2:20pm on Mon 5th February 2024.

Ian Lavender

Published by bigmal at 2:03pm on Wed 7th February 2024.

Steve Wright.

Published by bigmal at 5:12pm on Tue 13th February 2024.

Jacob Rothschild

Published by bigmal at 8:47pm on Mon 26th February 2024.

Fred Elliot

Published by bigmal at 10:54pm on Mon 26th February 2024.

Dave Myers

Published by bigmal at 2:18pm on Thu 29th February 2024.

Eric Carmen

Published by bigmal at 9:39pm on Sat 16th March 2024.

Steve Harley.

Published by bigmal at 6:08pm on Sun 17th March 2024.

Peter Higgs

Published by bigmal at 6:08pm on Tue 9th April 2024.

O.J. Simpson more infamous than famous I guess

Published by SteveW at 5:24pm on Thu 11th April 2024.


Published by bigmal at 6:07pm on Thu 11th April 2024.

some famous italian designer died this week, or was it last week

Published by _0_1_2_3_ at 10:35pm on Sat 13th April 2024.

Derek Underwood

Published by SteveW at 8:55pm on Mon 15th April 2024.

Dickey Betts, Allman Brothers guitarist, best known as composer of the instrumental Jessica or for those who don't know it by name the theme tune to Top Gear

Published by SteveW at 3:16pm on Fri 19th April 2024.

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